Investor Relation

The company issues Common stocks granting shareholders a set of rights such as the following:

  1.  The right of transferring shares ownership to a third party.
  2.  The right On dividends declared by the company
  3.  The right to access the company’s bookkeeping.
  4.  Preemptive right if the company increases its capital
  5.  The right to attend and vote during the annual general meeting.
  6.  The right to share the company's assets upon liquidation
  7.  The right to be elected as a member in the board of directors.


Providing products and national specifications and standards of high quality and consistent with international norms and standards.

Our Message

"To be a pioneer in the poultry industry through the continued development of the level of production and quality through the adoption of quality standards to get to customer satisfaction and the employees of the company".

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Delmon Poultry Company (B.S.C)
Hamala - Kingdom of Bahrain, PO. Box. 20535
Main Office:
  +973 17608282
  +973 17601930
Processing Plant:
  +973 17608282
  +973 17600327
Feedmill Factory:
  +973 17727690
  +973 17729041
  +973 17624832
  +973 17624901

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