Company Purpose

  • Create an integrated project for the production of Local broiler chickens.
  • The establishment of factories, refrigerators and the necessary equipment for the purposes of hygienic chickens slaughtering facilities while maintaining clean and well-packaged chicken products.
  • Set up chicken feed factories at Highest international standard standard.
  • The establishment of regulated product distribution centers for the company to effectively manage the process of the single and wholesale retail chains in order to Ensuring effective delivery of final products to end customers.
  • Import requirement of the project materials for the production including raw materials, medicines and required production tools.
  • Participate in the establishment of local and foreign companies conducting similar business activities and investing in its shares. Cooperation with institutions and organizations that are engaged in conducting similar business activities or that may help them achieve their objectives in Bahrain or abroad & the company allowed to participate with those institution in any way that could merge, bye or joint venture with them.


Providing products and national specifications and standards of high quality and consistent with international norms and standards.

Our Message

"To be a pioneer in the poultry industry through the continued development of the level of production and quality through the adoption of quality standards to get to customer satisfaction and the employees of the company".

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Delmon Poultry Company (B.S.C)
Hamala - Kingdom of Bahrain, PO. Box. 20535
Main Office:
  +973 17608282
  +973 17601930
Processing Plant:
  +973 17608282
  +973 17600327
Feedmill Factory:
  +973 17727690
  +973 17729041
  +973 17624832
  +973 17624901

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